The Palace

The building

Built for the Marquis of Villa Magna in the 1864s, is a historical monument with impressive architectural features. It is located on a quiet cobbled street in one of the most Popular neighborhoods in Madrid: Tribunal.


As accommodation in Madrid, offers an exceptional mix between history and modernity. The residence is not only available for university and postgraduate students but also for those who for work reasons have to spend a period in the capital.


We have respected the original architecture of the building, such as the old staircase, a long line corridor with stained glass windows to the common areas, high ceilings decorated in detail, beautiful paneling and tiled floors. On the contrary, the furniture is modern in style and the rooms have all the comforts that you could enjoy at home, including a private bathroom in all, and a balcony and mini-fridge in the superior ones. At the heart of the residence, you will find a large outdoor patio, perfect for enjoying your downtime. In addition you can also relax on one of our terraces, accommodated with multiple sun loungers.

kitchenette Chef style kitchen
dining-hall Dining hall
coworking-area Coworking area / Lounge
concierge TV
lounge Bath
gym-room Wifi
study-room Terrace

The rooms

terrace Terrace bed Bed wardrobe Wardrobe desk Desk
wifi Wifi window Window chair Chair
Locks Locks Fridge Fridge Sheets and towels Sheets and towels
Starting from 1.080€ /month

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terrace Terrace bed Bed wardrobe Wardrobe desk Desk
wifi Wifi window Window chair Chair
Locks Locks Fridge Fridge Sheets and towels Sheets and towels
Starting from 1.080€ /month

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What’s Included

Maintenance 24/7

Utilities supply

Air quality control

Hygiene stations

All inclusive bill

Superfast & Supersafe WIFI system

Biweekly cleaning of your room

Smart TV

Biweekly cleaning of common areas

The location

Why moving to Madrid will change your life forever?
There is something about Madrid that keeps it in people’s hearts even long after they’ve left. For many, it’s a city they will never forget and for some, it is a city that they simply couldn’t leave. We’ve tried to highlight just a few of our favourite things about living in Madrid that we think makes it one of the best cities in the entire world.
Madrid is amazing for so many more reason than we have listed here. It’s got a great climate, great culture and quite honestly, there is just something in the air in this city that makes people fall in love.

Food and Wine culture in Spain in general is incredible, unique, and full of richness. One of the best details is that when you order a wine or a “caña” (beer) it almost always comes with a tapa (small snack plate), so you will enjoy great beverage and great food together!


Madrid is one of those city’s that boast an incredible daylife and specially nightlife all year round. So you better make sure you’re prepared to kill the night and show the city that you can handle it!
Here you will never find a shortage of things going on in the city. From random parades, festivals and holidays to shop openings, park activities and anything else you can name. Madrid always has something fun to do. In the off chance you aren’t attending some of the city’s many events, you can always visit the famous parks, museums or fleamarkets. And, if you are a football lover, definitely, this is your place.

Considering Madrid is the actual center of Spain, nothing is really that far away. Go north a few hours and you can hang out in the amazing landscape of the North. Go out east and Valencia has the sunny beach waiting for you. Travel a bit down south and Sevilla will welcome you with dance and culture. But that’s not it. You could also just hop to Madrid Barajas airport and catch a cheap flight to another country. You can easily fly around Europe, the average flight length is between 2-3 hours!


Madrid has some of the highest numbers in Europe when it comes to young internationals living, working and studying. You will find super easy meeting people and when you do you can guarantee that you will be making friends from all over the world. Whether it’s with your classmates, colleagues or flatmates.