These are some of the companies help our colivers


Maaya is a community of enterprising and restless minds, a space where you will not be alone, where you can feel at home and supported by other professionals like you. A project made from the heart, so that together, we can achieve our goals. We organize events with them for our colivers.

We also have a discount in their training courses, because we care about personal and profesional goals of our colivers. For further information:


University students and our colivers neither seek nor need a conventional higher education. Traditional frameworks often restrict creativity and originality. At the same time, new generations live, interact and learn in a changing, interconnected environment. They train their students to face the challenges inherent to a dynamic society and the mutable nature of the professions through the humanities, science and technology. We thus look for those who are ready to reflect, debate and take on risk, both in thinking and in acting. For further information:


We are part of Beyond Campus a platform created by a team of ex-IE MBA students who successfully identified a real need for good, reliable and safe accommodation for the growing IE community.

More than 85% students are overseas students who have travelled thousands of miles from their homes to study, leaving behind their familiar comfort zone and landing in an unknown country where their biggest task is to find suitable accommodation and they found us.


In We Work you can have your workspace whether you have a consolidated business or a growing startup, discover sites that will inspire you and produce a real impact on your company. For our guests there is a 10% discount on renting a job or office with them. For further information:


At Tappers they help us to eat well in an easy way. Every week they offer us 36 dishes on their website that cover all tastes (fish, rice, vegans …) and food needs (for celiacs and people with other food intolerances).

Their cooks prepare each dish with fresh ingredients and extra virgin olive oil; without added additives or preservatives. They sent their dishes to our colivings in 24 hours (deliveries are on working days).

In 3 minutes our colivers have solved the meal of the whole week to eat delicious, healthy, varied and for a good price!. Enter using the code DoveVivo, shipping costs will not apply (offer valid until 12/31/2021 and only for people staying in our colivings at the time of purchase).


Get Inspired and get to work! work is about people and ideas.
Their Spaces are inhabited by forward thinkers, innovators and game changers who are confident in achieving their goals. Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur or a corporate intrapreneur, at Spaces they help our community to expand their horizon.


We are part of Coword: Shared Real Estate Spaces Association, our aim is to support the coliver’s demand for housing. We encourage the Real Estate sector to promote and manage shared spaces. We seek a type of coexistence in which the community of interests contributes to the colivers in their daylife, as well as offering top quality services at a competitive price.

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